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  • What makes the blanket glow in the dark?
    There is a special fabric that is used. Most designs are outlined with the glow material. When the fabric is exposed to BRIGHT light, it activates the glow.
  • Is the blanket washable?
    That's the great feature about this blanket, you can machine wash your blanket over and over. It will maintain its super soft feel. It will not fade or shed.
  • What is the size of the blanket?
    Your blanket is 40 x 50in. Its large. This size will allow your child to grow into the blanket. You will get your money's worth cause you will have this blanket for years to come.
  • How long will the blanket illuminate?
    The glow will last for hours. The brighter the light the brighter the glow. The longer the blanket is exposed to BRIGHT light, the longer your blanket will glow. This product is best when a flashlight is used rather than just sun exposure.
  • Is the blanket easy to fold?
    The Glow Blanket will be your child's travel buddy. Your blanket comes with a carrying bag. Just fold it up, pack it inside and carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Can I purchase a blanket on THIS website?
    Tap the "Shop Now" button and you will be linked to our Amazon page. You can purchase on this site. If you are a PRIME member you will get FREE shipping.
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